Feel Connected


There’s an important, fundamental difference between us and other Information Technology providers. Most want to simply “connect you to the cloud” or “connect your locations.” At ITP, we realize that in today’s world, physical connections are simply no longer enough in IT Services.

Today, people want to connect with technology in a more visceral and emotional way than ever before. In business, it goes one step further. People want to have a personal relationship with their IT Consulting provider. Someone who will listen to their frustrations. Someone who truly cares about their technology problems, and how they are affecting their business. This is the ITP difference.

How We Rate

It’s difficult to select a Technical Solutions partner – especially in Madison WI where there are so many choices. In addition, we understand why people don't trust companies they are not familiar with.

That’s why, rather than tell you how great we are, we’d prefer to let our exceedingly high referral rate stand as proof of our commitment. In fact, the majority of our business comes from clients telling their friends, neighbors and colleagues about their experience with us—about how they finally “Feel Connected” with their technology and to their IT partner. We invite you to ask around about us!


"ITP is excellent at providing tech solutions and alternatives. We weren’t able to make all of the upgrades right away and they worked with us to come up with a plan, demonstrating both flexibility and tailored support."
- Allan Baldwin, Dedicated Chief Financial Officer at Dunham Express - Midwest’s Largest Delivery Company in Madison, Wisconsin. 

The Pleasure Is Ours

We are Information Technology Professionals. But our friends, neighbors and clients call us ITP. Located in Milwaukee, Madison, and Appleton, Wisconsin, we’re just down the street or around the corner, and always a click or call away. From consulting services to IT solutions to phone systems, we would love to provide your business with tailored technology solutions and support.

We've organized this website so that you can easily find the information that is applicable to you and your situation. We invite you to start by selecting either the "I do IT for a living.” or “I don’t do IT every day.” selection above and we’ll guide you from there.

We look forward to meeting you in person and getting to know your company better.