Protect Your Private Data From Prying Eyes

The dark web is a scary and dangerous place. What information is safe to share online? Which large retail store is experiencing a credit card breach now? Is your private information being stolen or sold with malicious intent? 

Protect yourself online by being intentional in the way you use technology and mobile devices. Here are some of our very best security tips, best practices, and resources that will help you keep both your business and private information safe.

Protecting Yourself

1. Be Mindful of Emails: Before clicking links or opening an attachment, always check for a valid domain.
2. Avoid Public Wifi: Default to your device's carrier data. It is your private connection to the internet.
3. Encrypt Your Phone: This is an automatic setting for iPhones, but it will need to be turned on for Androids (settings > security > encrypt).
4. Accessing Sensitive Accounts: Never access your bank account while on public wifi. Consider setting up a sepperate email account for banking and other important accounts.

Protecting Your Kids

1. Set Up DNS Monitoring: Use to create a free account. You'll be able to monitor and manage what sites are being accessed. See below for set up details.
2. Consider Credit Monitoring: Consider freezing or actively monitoring your children's credit.
3. Manage Search Engines: Set as your kid's search engine. It's private and doesn't track or profile users.

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