The Digital Retooling Of Manufacturing


No matter what type of manufacturing you’re involved in — heavy industry, consumer goods, transportation and logistics, life sciences — keeping pace with emerging technologies can be difficult for you. The entire industry is in a state of rapid evolution — Possibly the fourth revolution!

We’ll explore how a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution can deliver cloud-like economics and agility to your manufacturing challenges. Which means you’ll be able to focus on delighting customers not drowning in IT turnover.

HCI leverages comprehensive operations management and an automation and orchestration framework to deliver any application with one-click simplicity. It can help you simplify and accelerate operations, speed the delivery of new services, tackle big data analytics, and streamline your database and VDI deployments. Now that’s smart!

Featured Topics:

Profitability: implement predictive maintenance to reduce downtime
Efficiency: identify and correct bottlenecks
Security: monitor and protect vital systems
We’ll also cover emerging technologies, including automated production lines, AI managed production, and levering open communication between manufacturing devices and networks.

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