Keys To IT Budgeting Webinar


Budgeting season is just around the corner! Some view budgeting as a necessary evil, while others embrace it as a chance to prioritize their projects and refresh their tools. Love it or hate it, the IT budget is critical in every organization.

Learn how to harness the power of this planning period and set yourself up for success in the next financial year. We’ll show you the keys to driving successful forecasting of your operational and capital technology expenses in 2020.

You’ll leave with:
– Templates & timelines for your IT budget
– Strategic methodologies for planning projects and upgrade cycles
– Roadmaps for identifying your benchmarks of IT success and how to get there
– Our downloadable IT budgeting resource pack

Our Panelists:
Paul Hager – CEO, Information Technology Professionals
Joe Ulm – Business Technology Advisor, Information Technology Professionals

Is your IT budget feeling more like a wish list? Hear real-life examples and strategies for mapping IT strategy to a feasible budget – one that will actually get approved by the CFO.

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