IT Budgeting Resources

IT Budgeting Resources

Budgeting season doesn’t have to be intimidating or hectic. With a set of technology-focused budgeting tools in your arsenal, a timeline, and a plan – you can successfully drive your technology environment thoughtfully.

In this FREE package of budget-focused resources, we’ll help you objectively outline and evaluate the current state of your IT. In step 2, learn how to plan for what’s next by setting strategic goals for your organization’s technology and user services. In steps 3 and 4, we’ll help you simplify the budgeting process – with a pre-built budget template and a timeline to assist you in getting the budgeting conversation started sooner for greater transparency and faster approval.

Included in this package:

  • The Good IT Template – defining your technology benchmarks and priorities
  • Strategic IT Template – planning for where you’re headed next
  • The IT Budget Template – a simple Excel file for forecasting costs
  • IT Budgeting Process – a timeline that will set you up for budgeting success

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