Hacker’s Havoc Webinar

Hacker’s Havoc Webinar


Step into the ITP Cybersecurity safe haven. Watch our security experts execute a live demonstration of a virus attack, and then resolve it without any money exchanged to hackers.

Access ‘Hacker’s Havoc: Live Cryptolocker Attack & Resolution’ – a 40-minute demonstration and discussion of the latest havoc being caused by hackers. Hear from the Cybersecurity experts at Information Technology Professionals (ITP), who will perform a live Cryptolocker demonstration. From infection to resolution – we’ll demonstrate how sophisticated attacks can be detected in real-time, quarantined and how your files can be protected files from encryption.

Did you know?
• 1 in 5 Small businesses will suffer a cyber breach this year
• 81% of breaches happen to small and medium-sized businesses
• 97% of breaches could have been prevented with tools and training

Following the live Cryptolocker virus demonstration, we’ll share the top considerations your business needs to ensure top security for your sensitive data and your users. Join Information Technology Professionals (ITP) as we lay out the landscape of the tools, training and awareness businesses need to properly protect themselves. From anti-virus to Dark Web research – we’ll cover the most vital security topics and trends all small to medium-sized businesses should know.

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