Business Managers

The Plain Talk

YOU are on the battlefield every day. – experienced at putting out fires on all sides, whether it be from upper management, your staff or your clients and customers.

Your answer to turning this war into peace? Communication. And in today’s business world, communication is most often delivered through managed IT services – your business phone and VoIP systems, inventory control systems, contact center CRM, web chat, even email. When done well, technology can transform a business and make your life easier.

On the other hand, if your technology tools consistently fail, staff morale can take a big hit and management will be turning to you to come up with a new solution – fast.

So, what can you do to fix this situation? Let ITP help. As an experienced IT consulting problem solver, big-picture thinker and advocate – our expertise is in getting companies like yours up and running again. In fact, we’ll look into your current technology and provide our recommendation… for free. Does someone on your team have an IT issue? We can be on-site so they can turn to us—instead of you.

I knew we needed to upgrade to a better system. I had attended a seminar that ITP gave and from that, I knew they would be able to communicate professionally and effectively to me my team, and that in turn, I would be able to make the right decision for the company.
Kristen S. – Distinguished Business Manager of Madison’s Largest Law Firm in Madison, Wisconsin

Business Managers

The Tech Talk

For people who don’t specialize in IT, one of the biggest frustrations with technology can be the language. Take for instance, “cloud technology.” You may have heard this phrase, but do not understand how it works—or even what it is. And while we think of clouds as weightless, recommending that you “put your business in the cloud” can feel pretty weighty – especially when IT isn’t your thing.

Then there’s the question of whether a hosted or co-location solution would be a better path for the company’s future? Would it be simpler to stick with desktop computers, or is a virtual desktop environment the way to go? Should the company make the VoIP leap? What are your thoughts on an IP PBX?

Here’s a secret: You don’t have to be fluent in tech speak. Instead, we’ll spare you the nerdy stuff and educate you so you’re comfortable and confident enough to make the right recommendations to your boss. After all, that’s why we’re here!