Staff Augmentation Needs

The Plain Talk

As IT professionals ourselves, we completely understand how overwhelming help desk calls can get. Add a technical disaster to the normal volume of calls and you’re a rag doll for the rest of the day.  Believe us, we get it. In those moments, we can help. Information Technology Professionals (or ITP, as we’re called by our techie friends) is ready to be your help desk backup whenever the heat gets turned too high.

Our company had many tech complications and decided to start completely over. We hired ITP after they proved to be the most capable of our candidates, with competitive pricing and local resourcing. They did everything to get us up and running; and even assisted us in hiring a permanent IT staff member.
Stacie L. – Passionate CEO & Partner at a Specialized Law Firm Milwaukee, WI

Despite everyone’s assumption, you’re responsible for more than answering help desk calls. You have regular maintenance to do, security issues to assess, technical solutions to consider, projects to plan, and so much more. These are the critical duties that impact the company’s future the most.

In the best case scenario, you’re able to catch your breath, take a look at the IT budget, and hire more help. But most IT managers don’t have control of their budget and don’t have anyone to cover them during the hiring process. Convincing the boss to hire extra IT help proactively, for when times get rough, can also be a hard sell. And when you finally are able to add to your IT staff, there’s a special irony that accompanies it: it you are often stretched too thin to go through resumes, conduct interviews and navigate the negotiation process. You simply don’t have the time to be thorough, so we see many of our clients “settle” on a candidate, which they often regret later.

Let ITP help! We are experts at finding the best candidates to fill your temporary and permanent, in-house IT service positions. While you tackle the strategic tasks, we’ll use our experience and network to find prospects, screen them, and deliver you only the best available options.

By the way, if your current technology is hanging on by a thread, but you don’t have the time to research the best options, we provide IT consulting as well. We’ll assess your current technology, better understand your goals, then give you the answers you’re looking for…and we'll do it for free


Staff Augmentation Needs

The Tech Talk

The industries our clients represent range from legal to retail and everything in-between. So does the hardware and software we can help you support.

Even though the list is too extensive to catalog here, rest assured that our range of experience covers a wide range of industries and technical services. This includes desktop support, software and hardware support (deployment, installation, moves, adds, changes), help desk and service desk support. The list of technologies includes: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Microsoft products, VMware, and many more.

When it comes to permanent IT placement, many sectors have specialized staffing needs, with positions that are difficult to fill. But that’s exactly where our involvement in a wide variety of industries comes in handy. So whether you need an IT administrator, or a data architecture specialist, we’ll do the work for you in this highly competitive IT job market.