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July 23, 2020 | Microsoft Office 365 | cybersecurity training

We really enjoy being your IT partner – and we’d love to help even more organizations take control of their technology. Do you know any companies in need of our top-quality IT support?

If you’re an existing client, send us a referral anytime from June 1-September 1 and enjoy a special thank you gift from us: your choice of a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience OR Virtual Cybersecurity Training.

Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience

Take a test drive of Microsoft tools and devices in this highly customized 4-hour session, led by a trained Microsoft expert from our team. The Microsoft Immersion Experience is a hands-on environment where you can try out best-in-class technologies like Office 365, Sharepoint, Teams, and many more. During your personalized session, you’ll dive deep into the tools that can solve even your toughest business challenges. A $1500 value.

Virtual Cybersecurity Training

Your network security is only as strong as your weakest link – and unfortunately that weakest link is often your employees. Turn your users into a human firewall with this 2-hour intensive cybersecurity training (and recording for future use). We’ll host a virtual session for your staff that explains the most commonly exploited attack vectors: email phishing, social engineering, and weak passwords. In addition, we’ll arm your team with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to protect themselves and the company from a potentially crippling cyberattack. A $1500 value.

It's Easy

Simply submit your referral through our easy-to-use form. We’ll take the information and then coordinate with you to deliver your choice of a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience or Virtual Cybersecurity Training.

We greatly value referrals from our existing clients. So get in on our Summer Referral Program today!


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