July 2020 Newsletter

July 7, 2020 | Events | IT Security | Newsletter

LAST CHANCE: Business Continuity: Reduce Risk for Your Organization – July 9

Staying in business is already challenging enough without suffering from downtime or a disaster. So why would you leave yourself open to the risk of business disruption?

Business continuity planning keeps your organization running smoothly despite ransomware attacks, data breaches, natural disasters, or a dead server.

This webinar can help you determine the right business continuity strategy and technologies for your organization.




REGISTER NOW: Automation Made Easy: Going Paperless with ECM – July 10

Paperwork. It’s a necessary evil … or is it? Enterprise Content Management (ECM) digitizes your documents and automates your document-driven processes. Discover just how streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective going paperless can be.

Find out how customized paperless processes can work for every company – from a 20-person manufacturing company to a large agricultural cooperative. Plus, hear how the Sun Prairie School System said goodbye to field trip forms chaos with ECM.




WEBINAR REPLAY: Building a Human Firewall for Cybersecurity Resiliency

Your cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link – your employees. Discover how to turn your biggest security liability into your greatest strength. Learn to build an employee cybersecurity training and testing initiative from the ground up.



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REGISTER NOW: Hacker’s Havoc: Preventing Crippling Cybersecurity Attacks – August 19

https___cdn.evbuc.com_images_103249952_5316881454_1_original (1)As part of Forward Festival 2020, we’ll be hosting a virtual happy hour. Come join the fun and learn how to protect your organization from internal cyber threats.

Some of the greatest threats to your environments are not viruses or ransomware, but rather the individuals within your organization sharing sensitive information. Is your proprietary information being stolen or sold to the bad guys? How can you keep your data off the Dark Web? Elevity’s Director of Solutions Paul Hager will discuss the current state of cyber threats and how organizations can safeguard their data.



WEBINAR REPLAY: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Teams

Teams is the best Microsoft application since Excel. But are you experiencing all it can do? Become a Microsoft Teams super star with this how-to on everything from its basic features to more advanced elements.



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