Maximize the Cloud with an Experienced Partner

LARs serve a singular sell you Microsoft licenses at certain volumes to earn you discounts. Their goal is to hit a magic number that Microsoft sets for them.

Our relationship with Microsoft is not a numbers game. Our focus is getting our clients exactly what they need, whether it’s hardware, software, or training and support. We do this by providing the experience and the bandwidth to get things done, correctly, on time and on budget.

What's Holding You Back From The Cloud?

Let’s be straight, your time is incredibly valuable. You want to get stuff done, but the bandwidth necessary to roll out a large project just isn’t there. With an ITP outsourced migration, we will provide you with and a solid roll-out plan and talented technical resources.

Get schooled and get support with an experienced partner by your side. To help you augment the skills necessary, we offer advanced technical workshops, free cloud migration training, as well as on-call and friendly Help Desk. Whatever you need, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. We call this technology with a human touch.

Meet Microsoft FastTrack Dollars. This is a limited time incentive program for organizations purchasing 50 or more licenses. You can get up to $25 off per license through this offering. See more details about FastTrack Dollars>>>

Unlock Your Office 365 Superpowers

Take back your productivity. Break open your week by removing system management tasks from your schedule. Move to the cloud to automate simple and time-consuming IT tasks, like password resets and software updates. Flex your cloud muscles and free up your resources for more important undertakings.

Get more out of our Microsoft licenses. See how we can help your business adopt:

Learn how you can use Microsoft better with a free assessment >>>