C-Level Executives

The Plain Talk

We understand technology is just a tool for your business.

YOU understand the importance of a long-term strategy. As a business executive, your job is to assess the situation, make decisions, and direct action toward pre-determined goals. Without a strategy—without knowing how you’ll get from here to there—you’d be lost. And at times, an objective opinion can prove critical in building a successful strategy.

As one the top IT consulting providers in the nation (according to mspmentor.net), Information Technology Professionals has the experience, knowledge and vision to create a technology strategy for you.

We’ll work with your IT staff to better understand your current technology, work with you to learn about your organization’s goals, and develop a thoughtful solution for you.

We needed a much bigger network that would provide IT, phone, cable, call center and more. ITP came and met with us and spoke in “our terms”, and gave us guidelines through their assessment that put me right at ease. In the end we have a great system that works, and if there is a problem they are extremely responsive.
Renee A. – Enterprising President and Chief Executive Officer of a Premier Retirement Community Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The capital investment required to update technology in a large organization is significant. You know you can’t afford to make the wrong decision, even if it’s based on the best recommendations of your IT staff. However, with ITP, no investment is required to take advantage of our insights.

If you then decide to green-light the recommendations given in the free assessment, we can execute the plan for you, in coordination with your in-house IT department or by completing the project ourselves.

At every step, we’ll make sure to give you all of the knowledge you need, without all of the details you don’t. We are fluent in tech talk, but we know when the time is right to speak in a straight-forward, business-focused manner.

Our long-term goal is to empower you, by helping you to assess technical situations clearly, so that you’re confident in the decisions you make and the directions you choose to take.

ITP Guide to Staffing and Resources

C-Level Executives

The Tech Talk

We’d like to make it clear that we don’t expect you to understand the details of cloud computing, virtualization, co-location, hosted unified communications or server integrations. In fact, we don’t expect you to speak the language at all. It’s our job to do the translating.

For over a decade we’ve implemented the tools of technology, and we’re practiced in explaining the benefits and weaknesses of each solution—in plain language.

The same translation is often required for your IT staff. We understand business, and we understand how to use technology as a tool for greater and greater productivity. We frequently help business executives explain how a chosen technology will be utilized to reach the organization’s greater objectives. And often we use “tech talk” to accomplish this.

By using our “bilingual” skills, your IT staff is motivated by knowing their role in supporting both the organization’s goals—and you, more empowered than ever with a clear vision for the future.