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The topic of cybersecurity has moved from IT and the datacenter to the highest levels of the boardroom. Attacks and threats have grown substantially more sophisticated in frequency and severity. What is at stake? Everything from customer privacy to brand identity, executive’s reputations and beyond. Without a strong defense system in place, the identities and bank accounts of individuals can be hacked, businesses stand to lose customers, and companies can lose control of trade secrets, intellectual property, their competitive edge, and even their standing in the stock market.

Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) keeps employees productive on their favorite apps and devices—and company data protected. Close the security gap through identity and access management, mobile device and app management, information protection, and behavior-based analytics.

Microsoft's Security Posture

Across all endpoints, from sensors to the datacenter. Protect identities, devices, apps and files.

Using targeted signals, behavioral monitoring and machine learning, EMS can detect incidents in progress.

Close the gap between discovery and action. EMS can quickly respond at identity, device and file level.

The numbers behind security threats

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