Comprehensive and Customized Training

Stay in top-notch superhero form with in-depth training. Keep your skills sharp with free workshops offered by Information Technology Professionals (ITP). Each program is tailored to your business, your team and your technology. Unlock all the Office 365 has to offer and fine-tune your technical expertise.

Azure Workshop

Get hands-on with Azure during a 1-2 day workshop hosted by Information Technology Professionals. We’ll cover the basics and dive deep into Azure’s many applications and capabilities during this free, in-person training. The individual sessions and discussions are customized to your business, technology, and team needs. Dive deep into one of four topics. IaaS Foundation, Azure Dev / Test, SharePoint on Azure, and SQL on Azure.

EMS Workshop

Meet Microsoft’s Enterprise Management Suite (EMS) with a 1-2 day workshop hosted by Information Technology Professionals. This training workshop includes a deep dive into the individual components of EMS; InTune, Azure AD Premium, Azure RMS and Advanced Threat Analytics. You’ll also receive a full assessment and recommendation for leveraging EMS within your business environment. This workshop covers security challenges facing businesses today, managing cloud identity, breach defense and more.

ITP Assist

Full-time IT department at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team. With ITP Assist, you'll have industry experience and expertise at your fingertips. Our help desk includes support over the phone, shared screen, or in-person when you need it. Unlike other cloud providers, we don’t stay in the cloud. We’re in your office, by your side, when you need us. ITP Assist is far more than a help desk line – it’s like having your own personal guardian angel. We’re always just a phone call or a click away.

ITP Cloud University

Maximize your Office 365 investments with customized training for your team. ITP offers free training and refreshers for Microsoft cloud migrations and applications. Our customized cloud training provides assistance and education for your staff on the cloud products that they use every day. Each of our training programs is tailored to your business, your team, and your technology. We promise we’ll be there to support and educate you every step of the way.

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